Understanding Laundry

Washing is the need for everyone, almost everybody every day changes their clothes. Of course, we will take the time to wash our dirty clothes. But with so many daily routines, then we can not just rely on holiday time to wash all our dirty clothes, the solution of course with the help of laundry services for our laundry that accumulates. The advantages of using laundry service – pickup can greatly help reduce the busyness of our daily work.

Laundry is part of housekeeping responsible for laundering all linens, be it house laundry and guest laundry. Currently, in running operations, laundry also serves to launder from outside the hotel which aims to increase revenue. The first task of laundry is to help the operation of the hotel related with linen washing for the restaurant, guest room, and meeting room and uniform for employees. Currently, laundry facilities are mandatory, in addition to guest facilities also to meet the needs of linen-linen clean needed for hotel operations. Operational laundry in a hotel varies widely.