How a thermostat works with a car engine

In general, the working temperature of the machine, where the machine can work optimally ranges from 80-90 ° C if measured at the temperature of the engine oil and is in the range 85-95 ° C when the engine temperature measured through the radiator cap or the temperature readable Web ECU through engine coolant water temperature sensor. In the meantime, if you wish for a reliable thermostat which is compatible with wifi, perhaps you need to visit and check it out.

The engine temperature should not be too long outside of the number and the thermostat is a valve that can open and close automatically according to the temperature change on the machine.

The thermostat can open and close because of the wax sealed in the cylinder thermostat, the wax volume may increase as the temperature rises, this will open the thermostat valve, vice versa if the temperature drops the wax volume will decrease and the thermostat valve is closed.

Jingle Valve Function On Thermostat Car Machine Thermostat also features a jingle valve or a small channel that serves to drain cooling water from the system when the radiator is being charged.

It can be concluded that the Thermostat Function On Machines is to maintain the working temperature of the engine by opening and closing the radiator duct according to the temperature indicated on the thermostat body.