Tips for repairing your iPhone which is stuck with the apple logo

Although the iPhone 4s is considered as one of the old gadgets because it was launched already more than 3 years, until now still looks elegant. Unlike most smartphones that look dead due to time travel and also the emergence of many new smartphones. Even the iphone repair services are still accepting this old smartphone.

Even though it’s considered to be skipped by 2 generations, ie iPhone 5 and the iPhone 6 at this time, but iPhone 4s was still able to adopt IOS 9.

But any sophisticated an electronic device must have weaknesses or points where there will be negative, error or damaged. Just like a new friend experienced writer, where suddenly his iPhone 4s stuck (jammed) on the Apple logo.

If you experience similar things, it helps you read our writing this time to completion. Because we want to try to share simple tips to overcome what you experience, like what has been experienced by the writer’s first friend.

Here’s how to resolve iPhone 4s stuck in the Apple logo:

1. If your current iPhone 4s is on and display only the Apple logo, press the “Power + Home” button simultaneously for about 10 seconds, until your iPhone 4s is off and on again.

2. In a stuck or jammed state on the Apple logo, press the volume up button (the button with the + sign) on the left side of the device.

3. Press and hold the volume up button until your iPhone is off.

4. Next turn on your iPhone as usual by pressing the Power button.

5. Done.