When your car breaks down in the middle of a road

This discussion will provide guidance to you how to overcome the car broke down on the road, where to handle the car strike you just need a little know the important points cause the car broke down. In general, the car engine works well if the 3 components of the vehicle under normal circumstances. Check for components such as power supplies, distributor ignition, and fuel supply when your car breaks. On the other hand, don’t forget to also call the towing service Lawton, if you need the fast way to bring your car to the nearest auto shop.

Here’s How to Overcome Car Strike

1. Secure the position of your vehicle.

If your car broke down in the middle of the road, the first thing you have to do is push your car to the road so you can freely check the condition of your vehicle.

2. Check Power Supply Section

Power supply component is an important component to turn on the engine of the vehicle, the way it works like this Aki as the first power to start the car engine than the 12 volt voltage of the battery will be made high voltage by the coil up to tens of thousands of volts, the high voltage will be channeled to the spark plug for ignition by distributor and platinum or CDI. Seeing how this work, then the machine is difficult to live if there is a problem with the battery and coil components. How to solve the strike on this component check the connections on the headgear on the battery and make sure the connection is not loose or covered with rust. Also, check the cable section of the coil to make sure the cable is not loose or loose. If your battery is in doubt then the solution is to charge your battery.

3. Check the ignition

If you are sure that the power supply is not having problems, you can continue checking the ignition components. Check the distributor, CDI or platinum components, and spark plugs. For checking the spark plug you can unplug each spark plug on the engine and try cleaning it.

4. Fuel Supplier

Components to supply fuel such as a carburetor (if you are using a car still using a carburetor) and a gas station. Problems with the carburetor can happen if the carburetor is mostly gasoline or lack of gasoline. How to fix it open the air filter from the carburetor and leave it open, then turn on the engine without stepping on the gas pedal, if not live then step on the gas pedal deep and then turn the engine back on. At the gasoline pump component parts check by removing the fuel hose and then inserting the end of the hose into the bottle and the starter of your car. If the fuel does not flow well or not smooth means the gas station is not working properly.

So the tips that I convey about how to overcome the strike that happened to you. The above steps as a basic guide for you when experiencing a strike before calling a mechanic to repair your vehicle. Maybe useful.