Cultivate Productivity Through the Internet

The development of science and technology does not mean we are trapped by civilization. Not a few of those who still spend their lives in the technology, do not move from social networks and become consumers who sleep soundly by the technology of the work of others when everyone competes in creating other renewable innovations. This culture can be a threat if we let it. Technological updates should be faced with productive culture. Its use must be accountable, visionary, and innovative efforts to increase productivity. For example, observing the development of science and technology through the internet and its constraints to our thinking. For you who lived in villages or remote area, you can get internet access by visit

Internet presence we can use to monitor the development of science and technology world. Lots of developments are carried out by intelligence agencies out there that are publicized to the public via the internet. Many extraordinary works developed by them, such as the development of holographic methods in storing data that can store information in 3 dimensions to reach terra bytes size, are applied in holographic Versatile Disc (HVD) with the development of medium recording to produce maximum information storage. Other examples such as efforts made in overcoming climate change and energy crisis. All done for human welfare.