Three Main Terms Contrive a Home Swimming Pool

It’s great to have a pool in the yard. In addition to a means of exercise, a swimming pool can bring the atmosphere like a vacation.

However, building a swimming pool in the yard is not a trivial matter. Some requirements must be met so that the pool that was built will not be the source of the problem. One of the things you need to pay attention to is its design and safety. Well, by using DIY glass pool fencing services, it will be sure your home swimming pool to be beautiful and safe because it is in the glass protects as well beautify the design.

Apart from that, here are some things that the homeowners need to prepare when they want to build a swimming pool.

1. Land.
Ideally, a swimming pool has a minimum size of 3 m x 7 m, with consideration of motion comfort when swimming. It could be a smaller pool. But its function is more for bathing and less than optimal for swimming. The ideal size of the pond requires a minimum of 4 m x 8 m because there must be a remaining distance of 50 cm around the pool.

2. Electricity.
The swimming pool requires a pump that turns the water to keep it clean with a minimum of 500 watts of power. In addition, the swimming pool also needs lighting at night. For minimal size, at least need 3 pieces of underwater light that each power 100 watts. So, homeowners should at least provide a special 800 watts power for swimming pool with the size as above.

3. Water.
Water supply for swimming pools can come from anywhere, such as groundwater, or specially imported mountain water. If the treatment is correct, the pool water does not need to be replaced. The pool is pretty stuffed once. The water is always kept clean, chlorine levels, and pH levels. It is not true if one has to drain the pool and replace the water with new ones regularly.

After these three conditions are met, consult with an experienced pool driller service. Because, if in the future there is a problem, such as swimming leak, repair is very troublesome.