Sea Animals Died Due to Trash!

As a result of rubbish, sea creature’s food becomes polluted, and they are even confused about what foods are good and edible. Many marine animals such as fish, turtles, even birds that eat sea fish that eat plastic waste. Because they eat garbage, many of them die from plastic waste is dangerous and can not even decompose. The more dangerous if the fish that eat the poison in the sea is the fish we eat too. Visit to find out what can we do to overcome this problem.

Piles of garbage in the sea also contaminate the clarity and freshness of sea water. Types of waste disposed of in the sea are very diverse. Some are plastic trash, bottles, even human food waste and disposal from ships that go to sea. All kinds of the garbage can contaminate seawater. Plastic and bottle beverage, which in its manufacture contains chemicals, can spread its poison into seawater. The remains of human food and the disposal of ships also contaminate seawater due to the decay of the remaining food. The fragrant of the sea water can be a bad smell. Taste of salty sea water can be another flavor due to mixed rotting food residue in the sea.