Choose a powerful smartphone charger

Currently, the smartphone has become the center of many activities, ranging from photographing, watching movies, to typing various tasks. Unfortunately, these functions are still often constrained by a battery that is exhausted. Mobile phones often have to back and forth plugged into the charger. This process can not always be done all night while sleeping in the morning. If the timing is not right, charging can disrupt the activity. In the meantime, you can also check out cell phone charging lockers for your business or your own convenience.

Let’s say you’re in a hurry because 30 more minutes to meet with clients, but smartphone battery 10 percent. Of course, you want to fill it quickly, so that when you reach the promised place can still contact the client.

The desire is not impossible to be realized, as long as choosing the right charging method. Here, as summarized by KompasTekno from Ubergizmo, Saturday (4/2/2017), five ways that can be used to speed up charging the phone battery.

Use Powerful Charger

Sometimes you can charge faster when using a more powerful charger adapter. For example to charge the iPhone 6 using an iPad tablet charger.

Both devices are equipped with different chargers, although both made by Apple. The iPhone 6 native Charger tends to be weaker with 1A (5W) output, while the iPad charger is stronger because its output reaches 2.1A (12W).

Note, however, not all devices match this way. Some phones can take as much power from the charger and can fill up quickly. But there is also one that can only take power in accordance with the default charger output, so this method will not take effect at all.

Take it easy, today’s smartphone will not be broken when connected to a charger with a current output greater than the default charger. This is because the phone will only attract electric current in a quantity that can be handled only.